A Must-have for every professional Lash Artist.

Professional software for use by lash artists which works on every device (computer, tablet, smartphone). Save your customer data fast, easy and secure.

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3 customer profiles


per month


75 customer profiles


per month


200 customer profiles


per month


500 customer profiles


per month

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From the advertorial of LashStylist magazine

From an inefficient work environment, to an all-in-one solution

A disorganized card catalog filled with essential customer data. A vital album on a smartphone with before / after photos. And don’t forget the folder with personal intake forms. Lash Artist Christa Hoogendijk was looking for ways to improve her work environment and time efficiency. She invented the LashFile concept which has now been developed into an effective web application where  all information is processed and well-organized into an easy to use tool.

Clear and easy system

As a professional lash artist organization and efficiency are essential. The customer sees you as an expert. Christa has been creating beautiful, expressive eyes for her customers for more than 3.5 years. “I love to make eyes shine. By asking a competitive price and using quality products you can supply the demand. As an expert, perfection is expected. I tried all available products to improve my work environment but nothing matched my criteria. My idea grew until I found Dennis van den Berg from Studioviv who loved the concept and immediately put it into production. LashFile was born! “

Earlybird offer

By signing up now on the site, you will receive an earlybird offer! You will also kept informed about the launch and developments of LashFile.

What are the benefits of LashFile

  • Greater efficiency
  • Unique personal LashFile profile which saves all relevant customer data.
  • Automatically saved photos to customer profile
  • Professional solution

Free trial

LashFile will go live in september 2018. 

Free trial software for up to 3 customer profiles available

Upgrade to the full version starting from €15 per month

So just try it out!